Melissinos Art & Artworks



His style


His figurative art is a colorful fusion of surrealism, fauvism, pop art, German expressionism and cubism, in a setting inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. He also creates 3-d art structures (figurative and non-figurative) that are in fact colorful and very dynamic floor or wall sculptures.


His Themes


The conflict between male and female and the stage of that conflict that usually has a highly symbolic monochromatic background. Also, the emotions, as described by the movement of forms, shapes and colors and the the vibrancy of life, are some of the main themes in his art. Every single painting by Pantelis Melissinos is a stage, where Greek mythology and ‘The Theatre of The Absurd’ converge and become the playground of legendary or unknown -but nevertheless- very important heroes or heroines. that relate their exploits, in a colorful and highly emotional way.


His protagonists


Most often, his protagonists are masked male or female nudes. At other times, the protagonist is a slice of watermelon, a chair, a table, a cactus, a palm tree, some written words and so on… everyone and everything gets an equal opportunity on the “Melissinos Stage”. They are all important because they are all part of life. And Life is what his art is about. The colors, the sounds, the scents, the six senses and the feelings of life are all present all the time.


The range of his art


The range of Melissinos’ art varies from sketches and drawings to paintings on canvas or three-dimensional painted assemblages, jewelry, wearable art, poetry, plays, as well as set and costume design. He also writes music and lyrics for the plays he writes and which he produces whenever his need to communicate with a live audience is urgent.