Create Fancy Sandals in new exciting designs, using our imagination & your creativity.


Some of our sandals are simply fancy and elegant, like our “Byzantine Collection”, but some others  are true art, like the ones we hand paint, or the ones we create using, colorful leather collages and  handmade embellishments.  Art on your feet!


Melissinos Byzantine Sandal Collection


The Byzantine nobles loved expensive fabrics and especially silk, combined with imperial reds and purples, regal blues, princely greens and lots of other colors. They also adored bracades, intricate patterns and gold embroideries. You can still get an idea, by looking at the garments of Greek Orthodox bishops and patriarchs, who are dressed like Byzantine royalty and nobility. Our “Byzantine Sandal Collection” uses mostly the imperial reds along with gold embroideries and ornaments and makes you feel like Byzantine royalty.


Melissinos Flower Sandal Collection


Colorful flowers from the enchanting garden of imagination in arrangements that make your feet look like works of art!